SQLTop* for Oracle


SQLTop* is a comprehensive database performance monitoring and analysis solution for Database Administrators. SQLTop* provide global view of Oracle Database System, it is an excellent tool for Exadata Management Experts and Database Administrators. It helps to identify issues and eliminates performance bottlenecks, improves response time for analysis and root cause detection, and reduces overall cost of monitoring tools.

Oracle Databases (Exadata/RAC/Standalone) can be reviewed in just one screen to give you a view of your environment’s overall performance.

SQLTop* provides you capabilities to perform database health check and review workload on your system right away using lightweight architecture and methodology

Application design to focus main components to evaluate instance performance, waits events, performance counters, active session model.

GUI Optimized to start performance analysis on lightweight mode to avoid cause any overhead.

Reactive Response Time

Focus on response time to analyze performance problems, it focuses on instance main performance components standalone, RAC Systems or Exadata Appliance, finding the root causes of delays inside of database engine, analyze waits statistics, performance counters trends and collect session information.

Wait Statistics Historical Trend

SQLTop* captures multiple dimensions of wait statistics, SQLTop* is unique because it analyzes on real time performance counters, waits stats and sessions explain why database engine response is slow and compare across the instances. The graphical display makes it easy for anyone, Database Administrators, Managers, and System Administrators.