SQLTop* Cloud

SQLTop Cloud Monitoring is a cloud based SaaS (software as a service) solution requiring minimal configuration. SQLTop Cloud is a fully managed service that enables users to easily monitor your Database Servers.

Global Dashboard

SQLTop* Cloud enables you to monitor Database Platforms (SQLServer & Oracle) and consolidate performance information all in one place, it provides full visibility of your Database Servers, track availability, resource usage, and other metrics that are critical to your applications.

Performance Reports

SQLTop agent doesn’t look at or interact with user data, it only captures the contents of system views. Visualize the performance of your SQL Server & Oracle Platform through comprehensive and detailed reports.

Oracle Platform

SQLTop* Cloud for Oracle provides extended monitoring without Diagnostic Pack, just simple collection over system views and agregations. SQLTop Cloud ships with a number of dashboards to aid monitoring your Oracle environments

Oracle RAC/Exadata Support

SQLTop* Cloud for Oracle perform real time monitoring without any impact. Performance counters, waits & events can be reviewed at instance level with full support for RAC & Exadata environments.