SQLTop Management Studio for Elasticsearch Version 0.0.9 – (SMSE) – Beta

Today, We are pleased to announce the release of SQLTop Management Studio for Elasticsearch Version 0.0.9 – Beta (SMSE).

ElasticSearch Stack is basically not a GUI platform, communication channels with the cluster is done using JSON commands over HTTP or HTTPS. Management & Development tasks are NOT very convenient in everyday use, since JSON tends to be complicated to read and write in larger documents or structure.

Elasticsearch itself provides Kibana as a visualization tool that can provide administration, monitoring  & ad-hoc querying but still missing a solid and rich GUI to perform management and development from Kibana.

SQLTop Management Studio for Elasticsearch (SMSE) is a High Optimized GUI for Elasticsearch Administrators written using Pure and Portable .NET Framework, it does not require any installation privileges or libraries. We widely use (SMSE) for our customers, recommended to our partners and continuously improve it. Please, give us your feedback!

Key features

– HTTP and HTTPS protocols supported, HTTP authentication
– Explore the documents, drilling down into individual index structure and types.
– Write DSL & SQL (_xpack/sql) commands using same interface, browse results using JSON and Data Grid components.
– Visualize Clusters, Nodes, Indices, Types & Fields using hierarchical structures.
– Export Data to CSV Format, copy data grid content to Clipboard.
– Translate SQL Commands to DSL Language, explore index mappings and settings.
– Support for many commands including insert, delete, update & bulk operations.
– Request and response body are JSON formatted, query results are returned JSON structure.
– Import Data from OLEDB connectors to Elastic Stack
– Data Browser using DSQL Query String.

Visit www.sqltop.com/smse/ and try it now.

Thank you to everyone for making today possible, great work team.


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